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January 6, 2006

Two More Broken Records


I've added a couple more titles to my list of broken records: Jack Canfield's The Success Principles and Mark Victor Hansen's Dreams Don't Have Deadlines. These are two excellent titles that will get you thinking a little bit larger about your life and your goals. Great listening for the New Year!

By the way, it's interesting how so many people deride "self-help" and would steer away from titles like this. In actuality, many of the people who would shy away from books from people like Canfield and Hansen are probably the people who most need to be listening to them. The stuff we surround ourselves with has a bigger influence than we realize. Challenge yourself to turn off the talk radio on the way into work in the morning and throw one of these audio books. Notice the difference that it makes in your attitude and demeanor.

Now lather, rinse and repeat. :)

Have a great weekend everybody!