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September 20, 2011 on YouTube

We recently launched our YouTube channel!

On the channel we'll be posting videos you can learn from along with recommending other great learning videos and educational channels on YouTube. Please watch some videos, rate and comment on them, and subscribe!

To kick off our YouTube channel we've taken the audio from our audio book Art Masterpieces and combined it with HD videos of the artworks themselves so you can learn about some of the greatest paintings of all time! We feature over 20 videos of different paintings and all the videos can be played in high definition so you can blow them up full screen and look at a high quality image of the painting while you listen and learn about the painting (select 720p in the bottom right of the video in order to view it in HD).

We plan to do a lot more with our YouTube video in the near future so please subscribe if you have a YouTube account or bookmark the channel and stay tuned!